Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"JOHN - JAN. 29, 2001: I get no pleasure out of being right when it comes to CJD disease, war in the Middle East or suffering people in far away lands. There's nothing like the look on someone's face when you tell them 100,000 people will be dead tomorrow. In my travels, I have discovered that most people really don't want to know about the future because if it's different than what they want it ticks them off."

In November 2000, someone claiming to be a time traveller from year 2036 started posting on an Internet forum. In one of his many postings, he suggested a few events that eventually came true.
  • CJD disease - mad cow disease happening in America
  • war in the middle east - the iraq war
  • suffering people in far away lands...... 100,000 people will be dead - tsunami in Asia

He also mentioned, among others, World War 3 in 2015? Civil war in America starting 2005? Taiwan returning to Mainland China after an invasion in 2009?
Amazing! That's my first reaction. Really?

I am so happy! Because I will still be around in 2036, assuming that I didnt die in the war or some other unfortunate events. I must apply for the position of a Time Traveller.
Having an inquisitive mind, I like to solve the thousand whys in my life, eg. why she decided to dump me suddenly and leave me devastated? How did my beloved Shih Tzu disappear from my 14th floor apartment after I locked my door and left the house? And of course, find out who you are reading my blog now!

I have decided, from today, to watch my diet, lose weight, stop drinking, quit smoking, sleep early and maybe, just maybe, be an Organic vegetarian. I must stay healthy and live till I fulfil my ambition!

I have never been so motivated.

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