Wednesday, July 13, 2005

At a food court, somewhere in Sillypore:

Mr. Fundraiser: Sir, we are raising funds for charity. Would you like to buy a ticket?
(He goes on explaining what the charity does.....)

Mr. Goondoo: How much?

Mr. F: $100 each. If you buy 10 tickets, you get a free golden tap!

Mr. G: What? So ex? The money for what?

Mr. F: Sir, $10 goes to the needy, $40 goes to our reserves.....

Mr. G: Reserves, what reserves?

Mr. F: For backup, Sir. We want to have enough money to tide us over difficult periods.

Mr. G: Ok. Than the rest?

Mr. F: $20 goes to operating costs and $10 for my pocket.

Mr. G: Wait, wait! You get so much huh?

Mr. F: No, Sir. I am a professional. So you cant pay peanuts, right?

Mr. G: What operating costs?

Mr. F: Sir, we have to pay our staff. Maintain our fleet of expensive cars. Maintain our boss car. Pay for our boss family's car expenses. Also, the year-end 12 months bonus for the boss. And, of course, the free golden tap you are getting. Sir, will it be 10 or 20 tickets for you?

Mr. G: Hmm.... still got $20 do what?

Mr. F: Sir, we stepped on the wrong person's toes and have to pay costs. Plus, our building has been defaced, we need to re-paint it. We are also looking for a new boss. The balance $20 will pay for them.

Mr. G: Fuck off!

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