Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sex & Lust.

Our world is ruled by sex and lust.

Cosmetic, botex, perfume, slimming centre...... what are they for? To improve your appearance and most importantly sex appeal. How many times have, you guys, regretted the choice of your one night-stand the morning after? Its misleading after all that make-up, the dim lightings and lots of booze.

Blogs with sexual contents are popular, especially written by female bloggers. wanna find overnight fame? Just strip and post. Of course, you must have lots of beauty and a little brains to go with it.

My favourite idols are Song Hye Kyo and Tao Zi (Taiwanese host). Why? If only i can get them laid. Song is a beauty, the kind that is submissive and gentle (my perception) and surely I can teach her a trick or two. But after sometime it will get boring. Tao should be wild and witty (my perception again), sparks should fly. And we can have fun for a long time. Don't give me that kind of disgusted look! I know many girls who want to wake up next to Andy Lau, Nicolas Tse or Beckham. (And I know many that have done so and felt so satisfied.) That's the reason they are superstars. The more people fantasize about them, the more popular they become.

Why do most men work so hard? (One of the reasons) To earn enough to buy that new coupe to increase their appeal to the opposite sex (sometimes to the same sex, who knows?). Women need more money to dress up and look good. What for? To get laid.

Sorry, folks. The truth is ugly. It hurts!


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