Monday, August 29, 2005

Alaskan malamute

An Alaskan malamute was left unattended in a backyard of a terrace house without water and shelter. The three-year-old died of heat stroke.

The owner, events manager Lee Bee Leong, has been previously advised by SPCA to keep the dog in a cool place and provide lots of drinking water.

Mr. Lim was convicted and fined $3000. (Source: The Straits Times, 26 Aug 05)

What?!?! Only $3000?

This is murder! He should at least be packed to jail for a few weeks. $3000 is just a slap on the wrist. (incidentally, I lost about that amount during the weekend on EPL. Damn Chelsea n Man U.)

Dogs are man's best friend. They are intelligent, loyal and provide us with great companionship. Its a life, you know? So what if they are less intelligent than humans or cant express themselves? Does that mean I can go torture a mute with a low IQ and get away with murder?

I proposed to put the inhuman son of a beach under the hot sun for 8 hours without water and shelter. He should get a taste of the slow and painful death suffered by the dog.

To the Alaskan malamute: Rest in peace, for you have completed your task on earth. I know you will be in a faraway place, a beautiful place without sufferings or pains. You will be rewarded and never have to go hungry or thirsty again. (In memory of all the lovely canines who have left us, especially my beloved Lucca & Saibo.)


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