Sunday, August 14, 2005

Principles of City Management

Here's what I realised when playing SimCity:

1. Why produce cars when you can sell the entitlement to own one?

2. Make them pay to drive to the office in the mornings. Than make them pay to drive home in the evenings.

3. Sell all properties at 99 years lease. Forcefully acquire the freehold or 999 years and move them to a 99 years leasehold.

4. Raise funds by keeping a portion of your people salary. Invest them to earn bananas while you return them peanuts.

5. Set up an investment company and own a share of every viable company in your city. Especially the essential service provider; eg. telecommunication, banking and transportation.

6. Import foreign talents to keep your people on their toes.

7. Free education for the poor. Best medical care for the rich only.

8. Why retire, when you can milk your cows till 65?

9. For good PR, buy some sporting medals.

10. Say NO to transparency.

Finally, bankrupt those who oppose the above 10 principles.

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