Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Retribution: punishment imposed for purposes of repayment or revenge for the wrong committed.

I know of a friend, many years back, who hated cats. He would go around catching these lovely feline and slaughtering them in his kitchen. After chopping them up, he would store them in his freezer.

It is so disgusting and cruel. I think he is mentally disturbed.

One day, while chasing a cat across a road, he was knocked down by a car. He died on the spot.

Justice served?

I have hurt a girl who loved me dearly for many years, by leaving her for someone I believed to be my 'true love'. However, my 'true love' dumped me after eight months. Of course, I was devastated!

Justice served?

Yes, I believe in retribution.

Take my advice: Do no evil but a good deed a day. You will be a happier person. Not only that, your life will be smooth-sailing.

Ps: by sentencing a murderer or criminal to death is NOT retribution.


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Blogger CrystalLime said...

I suppose natural justice doesn't always happen during our lifetime.

Sometimes bad things happen to people who do good and good things happen to people who do evil.

This natural justice thing seems random.

4:57 PM  
Blogger kukukucinta said...

this is called karma. cause and effect. do unto others and others do unto you.

so the best is, be true to yourself and live with a clear conscience :)

6:07 PM  

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