Monday, September 05, 2005

Singapore (Xiaxue) Vs Malaysia (5xmom, simontalks, shaolin tiger)

You want to know about what has happened? Follow those links and read it yourself.

Here is my Top Ten List too:

Top 6 things I like about Malaysia.

1. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap! Everything also cheap, if you know where to look.

2. Ecstasy. Ecstasy. Ecstasy! Party till you drop, 12 hours a day!

3. Eat. Eat. Eat! Lots of good hawker food by the streets.

4. Picture. Picture. Picture! Welcome to Genting Highlands!

5. Sun. Water. Beach. A'farmosa, Sunway Lagoon, Mines Resort, Redang Island, Tioman, the list goes on.........

6. Women drivers. Some of the best female drivers I know come from M'sia.

Top 4 things I hate about Malaysia.

1. Traffic in KL during rush hours.

2. Crime rate. During the last 3 years, I have been car jacked 2 times, met a road bully countless times and robbed.

3. Coffee money. Actually good and bad for me.

4. Slow service. Remembered once I went to a restaurant in Ipoh. We ordered 5 drinks. Guess how many trips the waitress made to serve our drinks? 6 trips. First, brought 3 bottles of drinks. Next, trip returned with another 2 bottles. Than 3 glasses. 2 glasses on a return trip. Next came a pail of ice. Finally, came the bottle cap opener. This is classic man!!!

Ps If you noticed, I like the country more than I hate it.


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Blogger kukukucinta said...

i agree that msia is more happening than sg! but of cos it's not as safe as sg.

i guess there r good and bad in any country.

6:48 AM  

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