Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Michel De Nostradamus Part II

Before you begin, please:

Read the introduction about the Prophet, Nostradamus.

Read the translation of his 942 quatrains.

I want to share with you an interesting theory.

If time travel is a reality in the future, than Nostradamus might have been visited by a Time Traveller.

In order to prove the success of time travel, one would have to go back in time and leave evidence so that the future will be able to see it and conclude the experiment a success. However, he (Time Traveller) cannot alter any events else the future will be changed or worse, be destroyed.

Therefore, Nostradamus might have received some form of message from the Time Traveller and recorded it down in his quatrains. These quatrains cannot describe the 'predictions' clearly, in case someone were to alter the course of history. This can explain why the quatrais become clear only after the event has occurred.

John Titor, another Time Traveller, might have left evidence in our time (2002) in another experiment conducted by the future.

Paranormal? Bullshit? You decide!


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