Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edison Chen Sex Scandal Goes Into Conspiracy Theories Mode

Rumours have it that Kira (the guy who has been releasing the photos) has been paid 7 million HK dollars to stop the release of more photos or video clips.

According to unconfirmed sources, the photos we have seen so far are screen captures taken from an actual sex clip. It is also alleged that the audio in the clip captured Edison asking Big Brother who was stronger, Edison or Big Brother or Mr. Y. This may mean that more celebrities and high level people were involved in the sex scandal.

As we know, all the photos came in sets which meant that Vincy has a collection too. To protect Vincy, Mr. Y had to pay off Kira.

Kira last upload was the 9th Feb at 4:45 pm and Miss G appeared in a public event on the 11th Feb. She was relaxed and had a big smile because she knew the matter had been settled. Kira most probably received payment on the 10th and fled.

Hours ago, 'Kira' uploaded a clip featuring Maggie Q in a sexual act. But the clip looks suspicious, the female lead resembles Maggie Q but the guy's pistol looks too big to be Edison's. Also, some netizens proved that it was not the original Kira who uploaded the clip.

How will the drama unflold???

Watch this space!

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