Friday, June 10, 2005

Someone asked where to find out more information about the Time Traveller. Actually, I purposely left out that URL so that I can have something to write about again.

Ok, ok! I bluffed, cos no one left any comments....... I am fantasizing to have many readers. Here u go: is the site.

Its an interesting concept to be able to travel across time zone. And I guess most of you, including me, will like to find out who will win the EPL or World Cup 06 so to make a killing.

Food for thoughts: How come the marine life is able to forecast the tsunami?

Maybe, u will say that they may feel the seabed moving or some magnetic field changes, days before the earthquake.

How about this: Rats are known to abandon ship just before a fire on board a vessel? Can they sense it? Or they have what we call ESP?

I have done some reading and have the following conclusion...... All animals, including humans, are able to foretell a future event/disaster. Through the years of civilization, we have inhibited this power. When u dont use it, u lose it.

How many times have u felt strongly that u been through a particular event? Either in your dream or sub conscious? Only for your friend to tell you its a coincidence?

We do have the ability to experience a future event. Let me tell u a way to get this ability back. Firstly, carry a notebook with you. Whenever, u have a strong feeling or intuition, write it down. Then, put a tick when the event come true. Cross it out when its wrong. After a few months of practise, u will start to get more rights than wrongs. If you continue at it, you will master it with a high degree of accuracy.

Be warned! It may sound fun to know the future, but are u ready for it? Isnt life more interesting if you step into the unknown everyday?

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