Friday, August 19, 2005

Maid Abuse

  • Hits head with a pair of jeans, VCD cover and tomato sauce bottle.
  • Kicks and punches head. Slaps face, pulls hair and pushes head against wall.
  • Pokes eye with fingernail.
  • Hits hand with thermometer.
  • Jabs chest with elbow.
  • Pinches right hand.
  • Bends fingers of both hands.
  • Beats her with coconut.
  • Hits foot with plastic chopping board.

Torture during Japanese Occupation? No.

These are methods Suzarina Madzin (strange? Why most offenders are female?) used to abuse her Indonesian maid over a period of ten months.

Barbaric? Uncivilised? Inhuman? Beast? How else can I describe it?

Wake up! Maids are not slaves or animals. They ARE also a fellow human being. You got money, big fuck? Can do as you please?

These maids have to leave their family and come to a strange environment. They are all alone here and homesick. Surely, we dont have to add to their misery, right?

Treat them with a little respect. Go ahead, reprimand them when they make a mistake but have patience. On the other hand, do you give them a sweet when they have done well?

I hate it when children scream at their maid. Parents, its time to teach your young rascal some manners and respect. Else we have another maid abuser in the making!

Let me share this with you. I treat my family's maid with respect. I always say 'please' and 'thank you'. Occasionally, I buy her chocolates or snacks. My family also demand her to be well-groomed at all times. She looks more like (if only she is fairer) a family member than a maid.

For your info, Suzarina is looking at a jail term of 1 1/2 years on each charge, or a fine of up to $15 000 or both. But I propose: Why not send her to a third world country and do 1000 hours (8 hrs a day, for 4+ months only) of community service? She will return a better person. Trust me!


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