Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy National Day!

Have you ever wonder why it doesnt rain during our National Day Parade?

Do you believe that we can control the weather?

Let me share with you a real life incident. I did not witness the event myself but heard it thru a senior. And this person who experienced and related it to me, is trustworthy, so there is no reason for me to disbelief.

It was our Scout's annual campfire. Many months of preparation went into the event. At about 7 pm, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. This would had ruined the campfire. A few of our adult leaders, who were staunch Christians, started to pray. After 10 minutes, the rain went away and out came the sun for a few minutes. It was a miracle! Many others witnessed the event and subsequently converted to Christianity.

Do you believe?

Let me share a Taoist way to stop the sky from pouring. You need a satay stick, a big red chilli and a big onion. Pierce the sharp end of the stick through the end of the chilli, lengthwise. Than poke through the centre of the onion and push the stick all the way through. Find an open space and stand the whole stick on the ground with the chilli facing upwards to the sky. This only works when its drizzling or before a downpour.

Well, with regards to the National Day Parade, rumour says that they always get some monks to chant for good weather before the event. I cant verify this, if you know something, please email me.

Meanwhile, enjoy the parade and the fireworks!

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