Monday, August 08, 2005

Quick, put in some nice comments for me. Its my birthday today!

I grew up as a very independent person. I remembered when I was 12, I took my savings and bought myself a Smurf (if you got no idea what it is, click here) as a birthday gift for myself.

The most memorable birthday was my 21th. Its the only time which I held a party at East Coast chalet. It was attended by all my friends and a special group of people from Teleview (something like our IRC now, but this was before the Internet was born) chat room.

Today was no different from any other day. Same old shit, different day.

You must be wondering why I have few friends. Its a realistic world out there, my friend. Most friendships are built on mutual benefits. These people I call them acquaintances (I have, which can fill many truckloads), I dont divulge much about myself to them.

True friends are people who stand by you through thick and thin (I have, but can only fill one salon car). Thank you! Willment, Esmond, Jeremy and Wendy. I love you all!

A true friend is an angel,
who helps us up on our feet,
when our wings forgot how to fly.

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Blogger Kurakat said...

Hey, I have taken the liberty to reproduce some of your your blog materials on mine. You may vet them at your own leisure. If you do not want me to do so, drop me a mesage and I will remove them.


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