Saturday, August 06, 2005

Have you taken your lunch? I just came back from Lavender Food Court.

There is this popular 'Wan Tun Mee' stall. My friend, George, joined the very long queue while I ordered my food. 20 minutes later, I have finished my food but he was still in the queue. Another 10 minutes passed, it was his turn. He carried his tray of food and returned gleefully to our table. In 5 minutes, he wolfed down his noodles. Hmmm..... 30 minutes of waiting for 5 minutes of pleasure.

Do you have Goals in your life? Did you persevere to reach them?

If you are really determined to enjoy the noodles, you would have queued; even for an hour. Nothing would have detract you, right? Put this in your life, do you give up easily?

George has the hunger and in the end he reached his goal and got his reward. If you have the same hunger, you will go all out to achieve what you have set to do!

What is stopping you from achieving greatness?

Think about it!

A man without goals,
is a ship without a compass.

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