Saturday, August 20, 2005

Project Superstar

Project Superstar is a Chinese talent quest contest.

Kelly Poon Kar Lai won the female section. See her performance in clip 1, clip 2.

Tan Wei Lian is the male winner. See his performance in clip 1, clip 2.

As with all competitions, there must be controversies.

1. Kelly has taken music lessons under two of the judges (source: Shin Min).

2. Kelly was eliminated in the quarter finals, but she made it thru the revival round and went on to win the competition. Strange but dramatic huh? (I predicted so when she was revived.)

3. Tan Wei Lian, who is visually handicapped, caused an uproar when he won (by the way, I voted for him too). Viewers asked how can a blind be a Superstar? I say, why not? Havent you heard of Stevie Wonder? From a marketing point of view, there isnt another handicapped recording artist so that makes Wei Lian a good package. He can be an inspiration too.

4. Wei Lian won because of sympathy votes? Well, put it this way: Irregardless of a black or white cat, as long as it catches mice, its a good cat! If you suckers (including me) are willing to pay and vote for him, than surely you will buy his album. (thats all it matters to the music company!)

5. True to the style of Sillypore, the voting is NOT transparent!

Let me make a bold prediction: Kelly will win the grand finals, Wei Lian will cut an album after the finals. So both will be winner!


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