Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Petrol Cartel in Sillypore

When oil prices went up to US$70.85, about 8 days back, all the petrol companies raised their pump prices by 9 cents.

Today crude oil prices have eased to US$65.47, a drop of 7.5%. WHEN? Are we going to see pump prices adjustments?
Please do not conveniently increase pump prices when crude oil prices move up and keep quiet when prices go down. We are not fools!

Many years back, the gahmen (read: government), implemented the 3/4 tank rule so to make it not viable for drivers to top up petrol in M'sia. The reason given was 'to protect our infant petrol industry'. Well, years have passed and they have grown to become the Petrol Mafia.

So Mr. Gahmen, how???

I got lots to say but I scared. I shall write in codes:

$*&^*(*(&*(&(&*& F%^K!!! ^*()(&*%$%#^&&*%^&*((()
$*&(&*)(()^ &%**(&( !!!!!! *(&()&%????
F**K bVb!!!

Phew! Now I feel so much better.

Ps: cannot afford to pump petrol than dont drive! Complain so much for what? Take our world class transport system. Thank you Mr. Gahmen, I hear you!

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