Saturday, June 18, 2005

My body totally shut down for the last 5 days, 3 days due to fever and 2 days for mending a broken heart!

Remember, my chanced 'meeting' of a special someone? Well, she has ignored my last two messages to her friendster account. Guess, she is out to forget me.... its in her character! Thats the reason why I fell for her in the first place.

Another heartbreak........ The Bermuda Triangle, which captured my imagination when I was younger, was a hoax. How to take two tragedies when you are fighting the flu virus?

Well, guess you heard about the pair of famous, now removed, breast on SPG blog. Seems a big deal! But let me offer my two cents worth.....

In our tiny red dot, a 'fine' country, most of the younger generation have already migrated. One lawyer calls it "grey area". We call it cyberspace.

Good day, my fellow netizens! We are now in a free for all society, no holds barred. Say the pledge after me:

We, the netizens, of cyberspace,
promise to defend our total freedom,
Irregardless of domain, storage space and web design,
to build a cyberspace full of craps, sex and violent contents!

Those not with us, will be against us. So lets ignore those fools and ask for our peace.

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