Sunday, August 21, 2005

Silly ranting

Many sites hosted in the US were down today. Wonder why?

I have so much traffic these two days. (Should have more, if not for the down time.) Thanks to Blog Introduction and a young chick, pearlsofpink.

She gave me some very constructive criticisms but more importantly, site referrals. I am sorry that my English is not that powderful, just for your info, I only completed PSLE. I very Hokkien pie one, you know?

Anyway, I wish her well for her audition at TCS. Taking a quote from one of my humble writings:

"Blogs with sexual contents are popular, especially written by female bloggers. wanna find overnight fame? Just strip and post. Of course, you must have lots of beauty and a little brains to go with it."

Well, you do have some beauty (though not a lot) and as a JC babe, you shouldnt be too bad in the intellectual department.

Break a leg!


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Blogger Blog Intro said...

Awesome! How many referrals from us??

12:14 AM  

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