Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh Sillyporeans! Should I laugh or cry? Did u see the photograph of the man praying for 4 D outside the flat where China girl was cut up? I hope she visits him tonight!

By the way, the number he got was 4079 or should it be 4076.... Good luck!

Wanna get rich? Why not join me on a treasure hunt? I am looking for the treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Its a place near Eastern Canada. Its also called the money pit.

In 1795, a teenager came across a circular depression, with a tree on it that looked like having been used as a pulley. He returned the next day with a few friends and started digging for what was rumoured as pirate's treasure. Over a few days of digging, they found flagstones at 2 feet, and at every 10 feet there was a layer of oak logs. They only managed to dig till about 30 feet.
Eight years later, he returned and managed to dig till 90 feet before it started flooding. There were booby traps protecting the place.

A lot of other expeditions were carried out to try to uncover the 'treasure' but with very little success. As technology advanced, they had evidence of some precious metals when they did drilling into 200 feet. They also think that something is hidden in the money pit.

So are you with me? If you are keen to join me, please mail me a processing fees of S$2000, no cheque please, I like cold hard cash. Mail it to Nos 2 Suitcase Road, Singapore 666 999. (ya, I am Charlie's neighbour. And, yes, I know Victor too but he isnt staying around here)

Due to the foreseeable overwhelming response, I regret that only successful candidates will be notified!

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Blogger Mickell said...

Treasure hunting. Sounds wonderfully cool :D How nice it would be to stumble upon a treasure worth millions of dollars and never having to work for the rest of your life while living in luxury. Ha, ha, ha... :D Every hardcore gambling addict's pipe dream.

1:17 PM  

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