Monday, July 25, 2005

I am so excited!

Finally, can take a break. The last one was eight months back which I spent a month in central China, Wuhan. It was kinda fun, living with the locals and at the same time visiting all the places of interests. The only problem was the food. I love to eat spicy food, and, you know, they don't have chilli there. As a typical Sillyporean, I miss chicken rice after 2 weeks there. After asking around, managed to find out that a well known hotel serves it. Yummy, it tastes close to what we have, including the chilli. It was heavenly! When the bill came, I nearly died.... One set of it costs almost S$15, very expensive by local standards.

The medical care there left much to be desired too.... I was running a fever and they do not have injections. They will put you on the drip. Mine, mine! I have never tried it before..... Cultural shock!

Well, today will be a busy day. I gotta send my dog to a boarding place, pack some stuff, and finish up any loose ends before I leave.......

Gotto run!

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