Friday, July 08, 2005

I didnt have time to write for so long. I was away treasure hunting, remember? Well, no luck in getting rich! Oh, I am taking about the Big Sweep not missing out on the treasure.

Lots have happened this week. Singapore is show-cased to the world in 2 minutes, should had been 3 but things do changed. And now we have lost a third of the prospective visitors, how sad! Wait a minute, what sort of logic is that? Hmm... let me go figure it out.

Wow, London certainly has lots of headlines! London will be hosting the Olympics in 2012 (but according to John Titor, there wont be one). And the next day, 4 bombs went off in (my prayers go out to them), guess where, London! Is it a sign of things to come?

On the domestic front, I got to know some interesting people this week. First, Mr. R (cant name, cos client confidentiality). Interesting guy looking for investments opportunity in Sillypore. He suggested opening a pawn shop next to our IR. What a wonderful idea!

Then came Mr. G and Miss L (again got to protect my client). Also looking at relocating to this small island. They are well connected with lots of big names in the cina entertainment industry. I must be the envy of many young readers.... cos I have some insight about some superstars (the cool guy in that racing movie adapted from Jap animation, his ex., and also the current hottest model turned TV darling). What a pity! I cant reveal more, else will lose my rice bowl!

I hope things will quiet down for the rest of the week. I need a break to write about my favorite topics, Chinese superstitions. Till than.......

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