Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have been busy playing a Chinese RPG game, "Chu Liu Xiang". Should be done in 2 days. Boy, the game sure is rated RA (Really Addictive & also Restricted Adults).

Real busy with the game, almost at it for 6 hrs a day. And I need a break!

Come Monday, I will be off to Genting for 5 days. Actually, considering other destination too. Like Hong Kong, Puket, Thailand or China (Chengdu), but budget constraints, you know?

When I travel, I go for the best in accomodation. Therefore, cant afford the rest of the destinations. Hopefully, can make some money from Mr. Lim (Genting's boss and a close friend!). Actually, I have some techniques to beat the house odds and I win most of the time. (Haiz, must wait another 4 years before our IR is up.)If you are keen, email me!

I am doing some reading up on Hope Diamond and should be able to post a summary real soon. If you know something on the subject, please share with me.

Meanwhile, stay cool!

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