Sunday, July 17, 2005

Just got up after a night of bad dreams. Full of sadness now.....

I dreamt about her again, that sweet young thing in my life. Though she wrecked my life but I shouldn't hate her (its not her fault, it takes two to clap). I really hope to see her again, just want to find out if life is good.

fz, I know you are fine. Saw your photos update in your friendster account. I am really glad. You will always live on in my memory. Do you still like Piglet? Takopachi? Chawanmushi? Do you still eat at Pasta Mania? Hows everyone in the family? I apologize for my breakdown at the end of our relationship. Its retribution for me, I did it to someone else, you do it to me. Its only fair. Wish you the best, my princess!

I got to move on!

Ok folks.... if you like UFO. See the links below, its about this guy who calls himself, Prophet Yahweh. He claims that he can summon UFO.

Read the article here:

See the video clip, on RealPlayer, of him summoning UFO here:

Bullshit? Supernatural? You decide!

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