Sunday, July 31, 2005

It was an eventful trip!

On the second day (Tuesday) in Genting, a group of China tourist held a demonstration at the lobby of First World Hotel. Hotel security, police and people from the Chinese embassy were called in! (I was on the way to the Casino)

It all happened during their breakfast in the cafe...... the first incident involved another hotel guest, a local, with a group of China tourist. The guest jumped queue. But when questioned, he remarked that as he is a local, he can do as he pleased. They exchanged words and than blows.

Next, the cafe staff drew cute pig heads (its well-drawn. It come in all sizes and the artist is really talented) on their meal coupons, to separate the halal and non halal diners. However, the Chinese felt offended. About 40 of them led a sit-in at the hotel lobby demanding to see the management. Finally, the management arrived after 3 hours. (I found out when I returned from the Casino)

Yesterday, the Straits Times carried a small article about it. According to the report, the tourist were each compensated about RM$100.

Hmmm.... if you are a frequent traveller to M'sia, you will learn to lower your expectations. Their service is very laid back (read, SLOW), and most importantly MONEY rules!

Two days later on Thursday, I was down with a fever! Slept the whole day in the hotel in KL.
Yup, I know, I am weak..... Actually, its not. I call it Emperor's life syndrome. I need minimum 8 hours sleep a day, enough food and no stress else fever will come aknocking. It was just too stressful in Genting. I spent many hours foretelling whether its gonna be a banker's or player's game next!

Finally, was well enough to make the trip back on Friday.

Well, it was a free trip, all expenses paid, courtesy of Genting Highlands. Thank you, Mr. Lim! I will be back soon......

Ps: photos will be up shortly. Still very weak and a little sick.

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