Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kelvin Tan Wei Lian - Project Superstar.

The Project Superstar grand final will be held on the 01 Sept 05 at the indoor stadium.

Please support Kelvin Tan Wei Lian by buying his album at all major record companies, suggested retail price is S$7.90. There are 2 songs in the CD, one by him and another by all the Project Superstar contestants.

Download a sample of his single here. (Please be patient, a bit slow to start) All the technologies in the studio has done wonders to his voice. Its really nice.

I will put up Kelly Poon Kar Lai's singles soon. But YOU HAVE to support me by visiting my sponsors. No money how to maintain this site? How to buy her album?

Other sites on Kelvin Tan Wei Lian:
Official Site?
Yahoo group for Wei Lian's fans

Ps: If the copyright holders object to the posting of the above sample, I will gladly take it down.


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