Monday, August 22, 2005

Callers from Hell

At 5 am this morning, we (myself and a friend who slept over) couldnt sleep so we decided to call some friends.

Dialing May's number (another friend of mine)...........

May: Heellooo..... (very sleepy)

My friend: Hey, you still sleeping? I am waiting downstairs for you, we are going jogging, right?

May: Huh? Whos that??? (still sounding very sleepy)

My friend: Ben lah, quick washup and come down!

May: Which Ben???

My friend: Aiyo, Stephenie dont play lah, its me Ben.

May: I am not Stephenie! (a bit annoyed)

My friend: Oh! Sorry! Wrong number, so sorry! (quickly hang up)

5 minutes later,

Dialing May again..............

May: Heellloooo? (wow, I guess she went back to sleep again)

My friend (speaking very quickly): Hey! Stephenie, I tell you, very funny. Just now called wrong number and spoke to the girl very long. Thought it was you!

May: You crazy ah? I told you I AM NOT STEPHENIE. (must be fully awake by now)

My friend: Opps, sorry! (Hang up immediately)

Ps: the names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved so that we can pull the trick off her again at a later date.

Ps: Thanks for your emails. I promise I will write about The Great Prophet Nostradamus by the end of this week.


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