Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eye of Brahma also known as Black Orlov

The rare black diamond was once the eye of an idol of the Hindu god Brahma at a shrine near Pondicherry in India.

It was stolen by a monk two centuries ago, and is said to have a curse on it.

Since than, three of its owners have apparently killed themselves, said media reports in Britian, where it is on public display for the first time.

When it was discovered in India in the early 1800s, it weighed 195 carats.

In 1932, soon after buying it, diamond dealer JW Paris jumped to his death from one of New York's tallest buildings.

And 15 years later, a pair of Russian princesses, Nadia Vyegin-Orlov and Leonila Galitsine-Bariatinsky, both leapt to their deaths within a month of each other.

In an attempt to break the curse, the diamond was re-cut into three stones.

The 67.5 carat stone known today as the Black Orlov is set in a 108-diamond brooch suspended from a 124-diamond necklace. (summarized from The New Paper, 24 Sept 2005)

Coloured diamonds are very rare, only one in 10 000. Black diamonds get their colour from the presence of tiny mineral traces, mainly the iron-oxide minerals magnetite and haematite.

Read about another cursed diamond, Hope Diamond.

Bullshit? Paranormal? You decide!

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