Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A lame joke

Dialing 67773777.......

Operator: Hello? Can I take your order please?

Customer: Yes, one burger, one drink and a desert.

Operator: That will be $8.50, delivery in 45 minutes.

Customer: Oh, no discount huh? I am a long time friend of your boss.

Operator: Which boss?

Customer: Ronald Macdonalds, of course!

Operator: Ya, right! And you are?

Customer: I am Colonel Chicken!

Operator: ..............

Ps: funny or not? 100% original. Just wanna show you how lame or corny I am..... hahaha.

And a food for thought:

Nature of man: They love to post malicious comments irresponsibly, just like they love to fuck around but dont want the responsibility.


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Blogger Mickell said...

Ha, ha, ha :D Colonel Chicken, a long time friend of Ronald MacDonald. That's a good one :D

10:46 AM  

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