Friday, September 09, 2005

Replies to comments

Kucinta: I am using a wired network so cant be my network card. I prefer using wires to wireless, its faster.

Crystallime: Sad to say I am Starhub's one big customer. 3 mobile phone lines, 1 land line, broadband service and cable TV, all still under contract. But so far, I think Starhub is fine.

Crystallime: I agree that natural justice seems random. But I will like to believe that its not no retribution but its just not the right time yet. (It makes me feel better)

Mr. Wong (or can I call you Eldwin?): Welcome to my blog. I have spent the past hour or so reading your entries, to have a better idea about you. Well, if you read mine carefully (if its not too much trouble), you will better understand what I meant by '....... never allow you to hurt me!' FYI, I am not isolated to the outside world. I hang out, get drunk, high and party hard too. But my philsophy is everyone else can die except me and my family. Get it?
Maybe you are right, 'birds of the same feather flock together', 8 of the non virgins are my friends. And (I suspect) the other 2 virgins are your friends. No worries, I am not offended in anyway. I just love a good debate. (another piece of nugget for you, I am an ex-counsellor (qualified) and volunteer in 2 leading youth organizations)
In response to your 'sex before marriage brings you a whole set of emotional and marriage problems', to a certain extent, I agree. If both are virgins on wedding night, there will be no expectations so both can be satisfied easily. I always think that the laksa stall near my house was the best till I tried 328 Katong laksa. (get the point???)
To your next feedback on capital punishment. Yes, I understand the underlying philosophy in legal systems. I agree there should be punishment (if you read my blog, you know I really do) for criminals but capital punishment is not a punishment, its killing! I have an entry on my arguments on this topic to justify and substantiate my claims, see my classics on the sidebar.

Ps: Netgear has got back to me and agreed on a one to one exchange. Till than, I believe case closed! Thanks for all your concern n suggestions.


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