Thursday, October 06, 2005

Casino Or No Casino?

I know its an outdated issue and the decision is already final. I will like to have my say after reading Mr. Chiam See Tong's comments today, 'Forty years of indoctrination that we should not have that kind of values, that kind of lifestyle. Now they're reversing it... It may bring some income into Singapore, but it'll be painful income for us.' (I am a great supporter of Mr. Chiam but not on this issue.)

I love Sillypore for its peace and stability but I hate it for being a boring place to live in. If you havent noticed, Sillypore is in a state of decline. Sentosa is past its prime, what other attractions do we have? Only the Night Safari is worth a mention.

Orchard Road is supposed to be where our heartbeat is. Really? I dont feel it. Try visiting KL's Bukit Bintang, Hongkong's Nathan Road or New York's Times Square, you get the idea?

Sillypore badly needs a makeover, and we need it fast before the rest catch up. We need new theme parks, entertainment centres and places of interest. However, these attractions dont make much profit so finding an investor will be difficult. (look at Tang Dynasty Village, Haw Par Villa, Chinese Garden....) The casino is like the engine room, the profit centre. With it running, we can support the operations of world class attractions.

I have faith in our gahmen (government). PM Lee's vision for a more vibrant Singapore excites me! I am sure they can pull it off and minimise all the negative impacts of the Casino.

Ps: I cant wait for its opening, it will be my new playground! Forget Genting, Macau and cruise ships. I love gambling, if you didnt know. But its more of a hobby than addiction, also mathematically I can improve my chances against the house odds.


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Blogger kukukucinta said...

but it's still painful for a mother to lose such an adorable daughter....she cannot come back anymore.

actually singapore isn't boring at all, there're so many things we can do here. u just know where to find and how to add zest in the activity u r doing!

shopping in anywhere in the world is the same. just spent $$$....

6:43 AM  
Blogger Mickell said...

U mean u don't mind paying $100 just to enter the casino? Many gamblers and punting addicts have complained about losing $100 even before they start to gamble.

5:10 PM  

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