Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Long time never write about my pet subject, The Unknown.

I am doing some final reading about the renowned prophet Michel de Nostradame. Should be able to post a summary in a week or so. Any input from you is welcome.
Meanwhile, would really love to share some personal experience with you. (7th month coming, you know......)

This happened years ago when I was still a young punk (some details, just like my memory, have faded but the main points are still here):

Being young and restless, a group of us love to go gallavanting. One Friday/Saturday morning (I mean about 2 am), with some young babes in tow, we decided to go disturb some spirits. There were 3 guys n 2 gals.

We drove all the way to Lim Chu Kang cemetry. Drove into one of the small paths in the Chinese cemetry and explored. There were no lights along the path and we turned off our headlights too. Its damm exciting. The gals screamed and we had lots of fun. After an hour or so, we decided to go for supper before heading home. (This is not the main story, just the intro).

I reached home at about 6 am and went straight to bed. I had a strange dream:

I was back at the cemetry, but it was during the day. An old man appoarched me and we chatted. Before he left, he asked me to buy 4 D and gave me a set of numbers. He said that I could return with offerings after winning. I promised I would. I punted on the number. That evening, the prize came out 2nd and I won! Immediately, I went to buy offerings (lots of it) and returned to pray.

Ringgggggg...... I was awakened by my handphone. It was my buddy asking me out for lunch. I told him about the strange dream but didnt reveal the number to him. We both joked about it.

Anyway, we both met for lunch (about 3 pm). In my mind, I wanted to find a betting outlet to 'buy' that number. However, didnt find one. We went for a movie and some coffee after the show. At about 7 plus in the evening, I got hold of a copy of the Chinese papers. Shocked! The number came up 2nd prize, just like in the dreams!

Well, thats not the end of the story. From that day onwards, nothing went right. I had no luck in anything I did. I felt like cursed. Whenever I play mahjong or card games, I never won. It went on for about 2 years. Finally, my buddy brought me (from Thailand) a tiger claw to wade off the bad luck. Only than I felt the turning point.

Today, I have full respect for the unknown force.

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Blogger Kurakat said...

You cannot really make a strong stand unless you can live thru it and show that if you had not gone to the cemetry and play pang in ur punk days, u will not suffer 2 years of 'bad luck.'

Since you cant experiment with your options in life and see the different outcomes produced, you cant really pinpoint something as the cause of your 'bad luck' for 2 years.

At best, u can just suspect that playing pang may cause u 2 years of lousy 'luck.'

Pls read my entry on The History of Myths.

3:09 AM  

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