Thursday, August 04, 2005

It seems like the last article was well received. Here's another one:

It happened during my Basic Military Training (BMT) in Palau Tekong.

During my first two weeks of BMT, I was on MC for a medical condition (always sick huh??). There was this ceremony which issued the new recruits with their weapon and it was conducted in the evening. It was a solemn ceremony and all lights had to be turned off, only candle lights were allowed.

I did not have to attend and stayed in my bunk (dormitory). The time was 8 pm. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to take a bath. Using a candle, I made my way to the toilet. I was taking a bath when someone walked in. He started chatting with me. Asking why I did not attend the ceremony and stuff like that. He also told me that he was from Echo company and was on MC. After my bath, I went to the wash basin to wash my laundry. That guy was standing behind me (I saw him when I came out of the bath) and we continued to chat. When I looked up into the mirror, there was no one behind me. I looked again to confirm, but was sure I couldn't see him even though he was behind me. Suddenly, my hair stood on ends. Without hesitation, I dashed out of the toilet and ran all the way down 4 levels and hid outside the admin office (there are staffs in the office).

After calming myself (about 15 mins), I returned to the toilet and collected my laundry. Luckily, he wasn't waiting for me.

The next day, I went around asking (particularly, the company he claimed he was from) if there were such a person staying back the previous night. No one was on MC except for me!

The following days, my story went around and I sort of became a celebrity. Everyone wanted to hear it personally from me. Finally, some Officer spoke to me and told me to stop causing fear. He also hinted that I had indeed met something special.......

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