Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sillypore Update 13 Sept.

Employment growth in first half of 2005 highest in 4.5 years

According to the Labour Market Report, we have more jobs created and lower unemployment rates than last year.

I guess the good times are coming back. Sillypore has been stagnant for a long time. However, the prospects in the next 5 years is real rosy! The gahmen (government) is going to remake the island, making it more vibrant. It will give our tourism industry a much needed shot in the arm.

I hate to say this but we have one of the most efficient gahmen in the world. We are almost corruption free, a garden city, good economics policies, have leaders with great foresight, low crime rate. Well, the list goes on.........

Ps: lets have a break and leave the bashing to another day.

Two bloggers charged under Sedition Act over racist remarks

Just as you thought you can get away with irresponsible speech, you are warned.

The law has spoken. Beware!

The hardest hit will be the opposition party. They thought they had a new platform to air their views but the gahmen had the hole covered, as usual.

Kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

Ps: maybe they should have charged our celebrity blogger, Xiaxue. She had the words 'Malay F**kers' in one of her entries and nearly started a war between us and our friendly neighbours. This will surely put the message across to the blogging community.


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Blogger mooiness said...

I agree about XX - she best watch her insults and criticisms. She's lucky to get away with that "hitting the Malay f**ker with a pig" business.

8:16 PM  
Blogger at82 said...

Ehhh unemployment rate for Singapore Resident ie PRs and Singaporean is 4.5% loh.... see my blog haha

4:43 AM  

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