Thursday, October 06, 2005

Misplaced Sympathy?

Remember Huang Na? The little girl murdered by Took Leng How.

Its funny. A little girl from China murdered by a Malaysian in Singapore.

At Huang Na's wake, Sillyporeans queued up to offer money donations to the victim's mother. Incidentially, she was previously convicted of overstaying and illegal entry into Singapore, not once but twice! (talk about Yellow Ribbon Project, lesson learnt!)

Thanks to you, Sillyporean. Huang Na's has a grand tomb as a final resting place (which I have no objections) and the family is building a mansion to live in. Meanwhile, the stepfather no longer works. (talk about marrying the right women, lesson learnt!)

However, Took's family is struggling with debts (incurred during the trial) and grief; their son will be murdered at a later date.

Thank you very much, my dear Sillyporeans.

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Blogger Kurakat said...

when we give donations, its up to the recipients how to spend it. if we have so great an issue in donating, then dun donate. what use is there in donating b4 kicking a fuss on how these people apend their money. do u like others to nag at u on ur spending? if not, then let the recipients go. having survived one's own adorable daughter is bad enough. spare her the rest... i think we all need to really learn to let certain things go and shut up. am i too kind? or am i too offensive? u decide...

12:47 AM  
Blogger GhOsT said...

Of course, you are right.

But, I think we Chinese like accountability. We may have donated the money and it is theirs to spend. That doesnt mean they can wine, dine and be merry.

Its just like the NKF issue here.

Another issue here is the plight of Took's family. Its a case of suffer first enjoy later or vice versa.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Singaportsguy said...

Took's family's fate is Took's conscience to bear..Circumstances has been cruel to his wife and kids...

For Huang Na's case..this is what happened to publicized symphaties..If we could could only give the the money to her...

Reminds me of the case of the 911 firefighters' widows..

Most of the millions were spent for beauty treatments and some have remarried in less than a year...

But it isnt our thing to grumble..
People who donate have done their part...Lets leave it like that..

12:56 PM  
Blogger .......... said...

Just liek wat my aunty told me (she ??), we can donate $$, but if the person wan to bluff our $$, there's nothing we can do

at least we have ???those who wan to cheat will have ????


1:19 AM  
Blogger Jade Falcon Elite said...

Wa.... Xishi also here ah!!! Small world hoh?? Kekeke.....

3:19 AM  
Blogger Smiles said...

if they had a good conscience, the parents will not build a mansion from donations they got thru her death. When people donated, it was so she could have a good burial, not to finance her parents.

2:57 PM  
Blogger I still play with dolls said...

What good does the money do to Huang Na as she is dead? Its not like she is a sole breadwinner whose family lost their only source of income. Definitely a case of misplaced sympathy, IMHO.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Kurakat said...

I think what we have seen here are case studies of Impression Management. Impressions that people are hard up are magnified, or rather exaggerated, by the media. As a result, the public feel the urge to give out of sympathy when in fact the proposed recipients may not need so much aid.

Problem is, we can never know how much they need to do reasonably well. Of course, if we believe in the divine, then the Divine being(s) will judge the guilty.

On the other hand, the nature of the media is to inform the public of things/events... And events that are tragic are often covered as people are drawn to things that are not ordinary. To change the media is really another big problem here. But as concerned members of the public, we should sharpen our senses and be more discerning, so that we know when to give, how much to give and when not to.

I agree with Singaportsguy Let us do our part and let the recipients of donations do theirs. Ultimately, we are to exercise our freewill in our decisions so let us not complicate things by concerning ourselves with what others' areas of responsibilities are.

10:12 PM  

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