Sunday, October 23, 2005

A new home.

Book of Aletheia has moved to

See you there!

This blog will be renamed as Old Book Of Aletheia.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


If this is your first visit, stay a little longer to read my posts. Else visit my new site:

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Thank you!

Migrating Soon.

Hello, folks!

Miss me?

I am busy migrating my blog... You will hear from me real soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am going crazy!

Help!!! I am trying to migrate my blog to my own domain but have a thousands questions but no answers.

Anyone familiar with PHP, and other programming language?? Please help!

I am using wordpress but I dont know how to customize the template. I only half past six with this IT stuff.

Let me know if you can help. Thanks a million.

Meanwhile, I hope to finish moving my blog in a weeks time.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Casino Control Bill

Fellow Sillyporeans, the gahmen has asked us to speak.

Govt to release Casino Control Bill for public consultation (taken from Channel News Asia website).

Ps: thank you very much, you have been consulted! You get the message?

Related link from The Business Times.

Your feedback* here.

* Please feel free to speak your mind and let the big brother know about how much you like the idea. But do not forget about the White Elephant Incident and the Sedition Act!

Sex Education - L theory

Let me present to you a L theory:

Ps: I hope this post doesnt offend anyone. Sorry, its crude, I know. Its done in good fun. By the way, I am vertically challenged but my d...... leave it to your imagination, ladies!


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Friday, October 14, 2005

Sex Education - Battle of the sexes

5 hard truths you should know:

1. During courtship, the girl speaks, the guy listens. When he conquers her, the guy speaks, the girl listens. After marriage, both speak together and the neighbours listen.

2. The most gorgeous girls will always have not-so handsome (read: fat & short) boyfriends. The most desirable men are always paired with average looking (read: ugly) girls. (Wake up! This is no Hollywood)

3. Guys always wonder why other guy's girlfriends are prettier than his own. Girls always feel their girlfriends' partner is better than her own.

4. Guy: Sex is an activity. Girl: Sex is love.

5. Dont believe what they tell you. S I Z E does matter!

Ps: Luckily, I am fat and short (my height not length!!!). Next time, I tell you about a L theory.

Looking for a cheap hotel room

It all begin when I ask a good friend to help me source for a cheap room as he is in the hotel industry.

This is the email reply I got back (got to protect his identity):

Dear GhOst,

Had check almost 250 hotels in hong kong....

According to your budget....70 sin which is 380 hk dollar.I had this two web page.....u go check it out but not easy to book.Now hk very high season.

Few more suggestion.....if no room.

Telephone booth - 80 hk / pillow
Under the high way - 120 hk / blanket
outside 7 / 11 store - 90 hk / matress
harbour pier - free.....................sea view some more.

@%&*@#@$.....................go until so cheap, might well don't go !!!!!!By the way, last time i stay macau mickey mouse hotel cost 1800 hk dollar!!! Your budget can't even stay in the toilet !!!

Best Regards.
Wxxx Lxxx
Director of xxxx

Ps: anyone can help me get discounted room rate?


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Thursday, October 13, 2005


How can I forget about my favourite tee-shirt!

Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing!

Ps: Elvina, this is the tee-shirt, right? Thanks for reminding me!

I need more dough!

Willment: Yo, bro, Happy Birthday!

There are so many concerts coming up and I dont have enough money to attend all of them..... so sad!

15 Oct 2005 - Beyond "The Story Live 2005"
I think I will give this farewell concert a miss. Ever since their lead singer passed away, I think they have lost their sparkle.

25 - 26 Nov 2005 - Jacky Cheung "Classic Musical - Snow Wolf Lake 2005"
This one is in Chinese, I prefer his Cantonese version. The ticket is too expensive, I will give it a miss unless someone is kind enough to give me a pair of tickets.

26 Nov 2005 - David Tao "Love Can World Tour 2005"
I attended his "Soul Power" concert 2 years back, fell in love with his music. I think I should be going for this one.

10 Dec 2005 - Andy Lau "Vision Tour 2005"
This one die-die also must go! Miss will regret. Anyone wanna come along?

Ps: Esmond, if you are reading this, I am waiting for a ticket to David Tao's concert. One ticket enough, we can go together! But 2 will be best, so that I can get a female partner to go with me. I welcome any other sponsors too!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Fishing Record

This is what I call fishing! This fish is caught at a fishing ground in Bangkok. Looks like I must make a fishing trip to Bangkok in December.

Ps: its a money making night again. Czech looks good to overcome Finland. Ireland will not beat the Swiss. And England will not win more than a goal against Poland. Wish me luck!


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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Naughty Tee-Shirts

Ps: If you see someone in any of the above tee-shirts, it could be me!


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Monday, October 10, 2005

Misplaced Sympathy - The Conclusion

First I will like to lift some points from Assoc Prof Lee Wei Ling's letter to The Straits Times Forum on 08 October 05:

On the Nepalese twins:
".... However, the mother and grandfather insisted on coming to Singapore. They refused to let the local surgeon treat the twins...
After my previous letter to ST Forum, I received a letter from Ms Angella Cheng, who is very close to the twins' family and was their guardian when they were in Singapore. She wrote, and I just confirmed over the telephone with her, that the twins' parents' motive for coming to Singapore is to get more sympathy money, which they have actually got while in East Shore Hospital this visit."

On Sillyporeans gullibility:
"... I am disappointed with my fellow Singaporeans' gullibility. Some of you may remember the Indonesian baby with grossly swollen head who landed on our shores not long after the technically successful separation of the Napalese twins.
Public sympathy again produced enough funds for palliative operation to be done. Last seen at age 2 1/2 years, the baby was severely disabled, mentally and physically."

On the Yishun siblings:
"...Then there was the saga of the Yishun siblings who had an operation for deep-brain stimulation done in Taiwan at tremendous cost, again paid for by the Singapore public. They could have been treated in SGH or the National Neuroscience Institute at a fraction of the cost.
The operation was claimed in the press to be a miraculous success, and the siblings were shown walking with assistance. Now they are no longer able to walk, not even with assistance."

On Huang Na:
"...When the story of Huang Na's murder hit the papers, many people donated money to the girl's mother, with the total sum enough to cover many subsidised patients' hospital bills or provide bursaries for many, many poor students.
But what good is the money to Huang Na who has died?"

I will like to add my two cents worth:

On Huang Na's case:
"She brought her daughter to Singapore, hoping to give her a better future."
I remembered seeing this quote in the papers a few times. But have we forgotten the fact that Madam Huang Shuying has tried different means to enter and work in Singapore? She was jailed for overstaying and another time for illegal entry.
The third time she changed an identity and returned as a study mama to continue working here. Now, you see what I see?

On Bai Jin (contributions towards funeral expenses):
As far as I know, Bai Jin is used to help the deceased family in coping with funeral expenses. It is also used to help the family tide over any short term financial hardship, if necessary.
Any excess amount should be kept to meet future expenses on death anniversaries and to upkeep the deceased's final resting place.
Alternatively, the excess Bai Jin can be donated to charitable organization as a mean to help the deceased chalk up good deeds for a smoother passage in the ether world (as believed in Buddishism and Taoism).

The role of the press:
To quote Assoc. Prof Lee again "I cannot resist one last story which illustrates both the propensity of the press to sensationalise and ...."
To borrow words from Eldwin, a regular reader of my humble blog, "I think what we have seen here are case studies of Impression Management. Impressions that people are hard up are magnified, or rather exaggerated, by the media. As a result, the public feel the urge to give out of sympathy when in fact the proposed recipients may not need so much aid. "
I just want to put my point across, there are a lot of needy people out there who are more deserving but do not know where to seek help. For those who turn to the press for help, surely they will be able to find other avenues too.
I believe the press will not allow itself to be used as a tool to milk generous Sillyporeans.

Ps: I just hate to be taken advantage of. By the way, I have stopped giving to charity a long time ago. Instead, I volunteer my time at deserving organizations. Sorry folks, I cant reveal too much about myself, cos I am an angel by day but a devil by night.


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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Interview with a female prison officer

Miss X (she does not want to be identified) is a lovely young lady, in her early 20s, whom I got to know recently. She looks sporty but very demure. Surprise, surprise! She works in the prison department. After some persuasion, she granted a short interview:

Why did you join the prison department?
An interest in uniform groups.. and partly it's due to my desperation? for a job after my graduation, i joined.

How long have you been on the job?
Coming to two years.

Can tell me a little about what you do?
Locking and unlocking of inmates is a routine... as a personal supervisor, i also conduct purposeful interaction with them.. Censoring of their incoming and outgoing letters.

Is the prison really like those in movies? With gangs and bullying?
Not sure about the men's prison... but in women's prison, I can say there are very little or none.

You look very ladylike and demure, ever being bullied by an inmate?
No. Handling inmates nowadays, depends more on our interpersonal skills. They will manipulate if you don't know how to talk or resaon out with them.

What is the greatest satisfaction you get from your job?
To see offenders given a second chance, for example reintegration programs and home detention. Being able to listen to their background and understand them. A chance to come across all kind of people(inmates) - high profile, unsound mind.

Your views on capital punishment? Do you support the death sentence?
I dont really support the death sentence. Life imprisonment is good enough... but who knows, maybe my mindset will change with times. It's pretty sad to see people killing each other and the news nowadays, one killing after another. It has become a trend and it's like never stopping.

Have u been in contact with an inmate on death row? Can describe how you feel?
Unfortuanately, no. Only selected or more senior officers are able to.

Can tell us the daily routine of a prisoner?
For working inmate, she'll be unlocked every morning for her 8-hours of labour. An hour of lunch time - eat, read newspaper, playing ball games etc. Then back to work again till evening. The rest of the evening will be locked up in her cell. She's entitled to an hour of tv too. Other than that, she gets to go counselling every weekend. For the rest of the inmates, they still do get to go for counselling, her visit etc once or twice every week. But most of the time will be locked up with an hour of free time everyday.

Ps: on my previous post. Cant a guy like sentimental songs?? Just for the record, I am male, 100% straight with a high sex drive too! Its a working night again! Later I will be watching 22 + 3 men running up and down a field, hopefully I can make some money out of it too!

Top Ten English Songs In My Life

(In order of my preference)

1. Somebody by Depeche Mode

2. Because I love you by Shakin Stevens

3. Against All Odds by Phil Colins

4. All Out Of Love by Air Supply

5. Hello by Lionel Ritchie

6. Within Your Remain by Tokyo Square

7. Angel by Sarah McLachlan

8. I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett

9. Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode

10. Home by Michael Bubble

Ps: from the list, you can tell I am a hopeless romantic. Am I getting old or what? Suddenly want to share my song list with you. Anyone out there in the same era as me? I want to try doing a Chinese song list too but my Chinese sucks, maybe later.


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Misplaced Sympathy?

Remember Huang Na? The little girl murdered by Took Leng How.

Its funny. A little girl from China murdered by a Malaysian in Singapore.

At Huang Na's wake, Sillyporeans queued up to offer money donations to the victim's mother. Incidentially, she was previously convicted of overstaying and illegal entry into Singapore, not once but twice! (talk about Yellow Ribbon Project, lesson learnt!)

Thanks to you, Sillyporean. Huang Na's has a grand tomb as a final resting place (which I have no objections) and the family is building a mansion to live in. Meanwhile, the stepfather no longer works. (talk about marrying the right women, lesson learnt!)

However, Took's family is struggling with debts (incurred during the trial) and grief; their son will be murdered at a later date.

Thank you very much, my dear Sillyporeans.

Casino Or No Casino?

I know its an outdated issue and the decision is already final. I will like to have my say after reading Mr. Chiam See Tong's comments today, 'Forty years of indoctrination that we should not have that kind of values, that kind of lifestyle. Now they're reversing it... It may bring some income into Singapore, but it'll be painful income for us.' (I am a great supporter of Mr. Chiam but not on this issue.)

I love Sillypore for its peace and stability but I hate it for being a boring place to live in. If you havent noticed, Sillypore is in a state of decline. Sentosa is past its prime, what other attractions do we have? Only the Night Safari is worth a mention.

Orchard Road is supposed to be where our heartbeat is. Really? I dont feel it. Try visiting KL's Bukit Bintang, Hongkong's Nathan Road or New York's Times Square, you get the idea?

Sillypore badly needs a makeover, and we need it fast before the rest catch up. We need new theme parks, entertainment centres and places of interest. However, these attractions dont make much profit so finding an investor will be difficult. (look at Tang Dynasty Village, Haw Par Villa, Chinese Garden....) The casino is like the engine room, the profit centre. With it running, we can support the operations of world class attractions.

I have faith in our gahmen (government). PM Lee's vision for a more vibrant Singapore excites me! I am sure they can pull it off and minimise all the negative impacts of the Casino.

Ps: I cant wait for its opening, it will be my new playground! Forget Genting, Macau and cruise ships. I love gambling, if you didnt know. But its more of a hobby than addiction, also mathematically I can improve my chances against the house odds.


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Boring Day

Sorry, no new input today. My inspirations went for a break.

Spent the whole day in front of the computer downloading songs.

In the evening, met up with an old friend and he started introducing network marketing. Entertained him an hour but, in the end, told him I am not keen. He mentioned something like making $5k a month. Well, I can earn the same amount during one weekend of soccer betting!

After that, went for a movie 'The Myth'. I always enjoy Jackie's movies, especially those for asian market. Hmmm..... the opening scenes look very much like his earlier movie Amour of God.

I really cant wait to leave for my well deserved holidays! I have made my plans. From 01 Nov to 15 Nov, I will be in China and Hongkong. 15 Dec till 10 Jan, will be back in China. Hopefully, can celebrate my Christmas in Hongkong, most probably in Disneyland. But before 15 Dec, I will spend a few days in Thailand. Too many friends, so little time!

Ps: I will post lots of photos and write about my visits, mark it in your diary! By the way, I heard you cant access blogspot in China? Anyone can verify?


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Slimming Miracle

I dont understand. You want something but you dont want to work for it???

A girlfriend wants to lose weight (but she is not fat!) and she chanced upon an advertisement claiming you can lose weight just by drinking their fruit juice. No need to diet or exercise. She was very keen to try!

I told her the latest craze is to carry a piece of magical paper in your pocket and you can lose 2 - 5 kg a week. The longer you carry it on you, the more effective it is! Her eyes brighten up immediately. She wants me to buy it for her.

Women? Logic? They dont seem to get along.

Ps: the magical weight-loss paper is now in production. Special promotion to all my readers. $188 for an unlimited lifetime supply. Send your cheques to No. 2 Suitcase Road, Sillypore. Hurry! Limited time offer!


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Monday, October 03, 2005

Dont relax 3/4 tank rule

(Taken from The New Paper, Monday 03 Oct 2005)

I totally disagree with Mr Chim Hang Wah's views in his letter, "Ease three-quarter tank rule" (The New Paper, 28 Sep).

I am appalled that such an idea can be conceived.

The implementation of three-quarter tank rule was to deter Singaporeans from patronising our neighbours at the expense of petrol stations here.

Though Mr Chim said the relaxation can be between 2 am and 5 am, how is the Government to determine who really needs this concession?

The fact is that as long as there is a cheap deal on, Singaporeans will flock to it, no matter what time it is.

So I can see jams in Woodlands at 2 am.

I am all for supporting our local economy.

If we dont, who will?

- Manickam Krishnasamy

Let me see...... Manickam Krishnasamy MUST be one of the following:

1. He works for our petrol cartel?

2. He rides a bicycle? So he doesnt know the price of a litre of Octane 92 petrol.

3. He drives a company car with a big fat transport allowance?

4. He hates our neighbours? (Just like our celebrity female blogger XX?)

5. He got supernatural powers! "I can see dead people in Woodlands at 2 am." Opps, sorry! Should be jams.

But one thing I can confirm!

He supports PAP!!! Or maybe he is the gahman people??

Ps: shit! What have I got myself into this time! Any idea where they lock up people under the ISA (Internal Security Act)? Opps, someone is at the door.........


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Sunday, October 02, 2005

A very good weekend!

Was spot on: Man U won (at last I broke the curse), Man City won and Chelsea match BIG score line...... Won a lot of money! Enough for my trip to Hongkong and a two days visit to Disneyland.

My dog has an expensive taste too:

Of all the notes,

He chose the biggest value one.

Ps: my prayers go out to the victims in the latest Bali blast. Damn those brainless bastards who did it! Cant you value human lives more? We are all fellow human beings living on the same planet! May you suffer a fate worst than death! Damn you!

Dollies Gone Wild - The Conclusion

I wrote a piece about them some time back. It generated a lot of feedback, and guess what, I was banned from their tag board. Maybe I was too close to the truth and the truth hurts.

Well, let me say this again: I think they have an entertaining and creative blog. But I hope it stays at that. Please dont give us all that crap of educating young girls, blah, blah, blah.

I have been following the site since day one and it has slowly evolved. They now have a live IRC session, which is sort of a fans club meeting where you go and give them a pat on their back. And of course, you can also go throw eggs at their face but I think you will be banned from their fans club meeting after that.

I hate their hypocrisy, everything seems like a feel good excercise for the dollies. Dont ask for money in the name of charity! In their case, dont ask for fame in the name of altruism.

A regular reader of my blog has this observation: The blog (author) is naive and immature, but what can you expect from a group of kids? They are sheltered and has never stepped into the society. Lets give them their 5 minutes of fame. Someday, they will learn about the hard facts of life.

Ps: it was just a regular fever which I have, like a once a month thingy. Thanks for your concerns. Mdm Kucinta, its a pity its isnt Malaria else can lose alot of weight!


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